Jean Brown

Rending Skies 2012

Just when the Faulkner’s lives are going well less than three years after the Black Day, the curse returns pulling the drive of evil hearts together to destroy the family. Two children are born – one capable of destruction and death, the other capable of peace and life. In the balance of good and evil, which way will the scales tilt? Lanie Truitt along with her twelve year old daughter Seren has fled from the predators that have tracked them with the intention of seeking sanctuary with the Faulkner family. What she doesn’t realize is they’re heading into an uncharted land where more malevolence exists than imaginable. Will the Faulkner family’s Arcanum be able to stop the force of maliciousness that engulfs the lake and promises no survival for anyone on December 18, 2012 apocalypse? 




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"Brown is trying to carve out her own niche in the literary world, and as Rending Skies/2012 proves, she is off to a good start." - The US Review of Books 


 "A fantastically scary premise marred by putting a complex plot before raw emotion." -Kirkus Reviews


"With its many characters and meticulous build up, Rending Skies gives patient and observant readers plenty of fascinating, perplexing material. It all ends climatically with a set of impressive, dramatic events that this reviewer could have never foreseen." - Morten Rand, Fiction Factory 



In Robert Faulkner’s last days of life, he grows a conscience.

A cynical man who spent his life drinking, gambling, and ignoring his wife and five children has bigger problems than chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Guilt driven, he sets out to help his children, who have serious issues with their father, blaming him for their mother’s and brother’s death. As a faithless man, he discovers he has an ability to heal with only his touch; this occurs when he meets a young boy dying of cancer during his appointment at internal medicine. This revelation makes him indomitable to right his wrongs with his children, whom he has alienated, but time is running out. While on his mission, Robert has to deal with the repressed horrors from his own childhood as he encounters the familiar malevolence forcing him to accept there may be some truth to “The Curse of the Faulkners."

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Jean Brown lives in the Piedmont area of North Carolina with her husband Michael, daughter Asia, and all her furry friends. In her spare time, Jean fosters and rescues animals in need. She also enjoys spending time on the lake. She is currently working on the Faulkner's Curse series and preparing for the soon to be released “Rending Skies/2012” which is book two in the series. Jean invites you to take a journey with her to the cursed Durga Lake where evil resides beneath the surface of the breathtaking landscape.

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Some  Reviews of Black Days




“A truly well written and simply exhilarating addition to the literary world!” The book takes your mind on a rollercoaster ride of emotions! Just when you think you know what will happen next she inserts a twist that would challenge even the most creative minds. I found myself connecting with each character at different points throughout the book as their feelings and emotions seemed to become my own. She has created a melting pot of emotions, Hate, angst, love, loneliness, sadness, pity and forgiveness all mixed to just the right degree to bring the story together. Finally just when you thought you had it all figured out BAM! Another perfect twist to the ending leaving me with a hunger for more! I was totally blown away and can hardly wait for the second book!!

There is something in this book for anyone who has ever loved and lost and is an inspiration to those who only think they have lost but still have the desire to make it right.“BLACK DAYS “is a must read and is intoxicatingly addictive.

Thank you Jean Brown for sharing your talent with us and please don’t keep us waiting for the second book for too long!

Black Days is a sophisticated, well-written and thoroughly well-planned novel. The author connects with her characters, all of which seem realistic, authentic, and relevant in this drama. Rarely have I seen such a curious combination of mainstream drama telling and a long chain of unnatural, yet believable events. While it contains fine craftsmanship both in narrative and dialogs, Black Days is easy to understand and follow. Readers can simply sit back and enjoy the suspenseful plot and equally fascinating evolving characters.
Morten Rand,
Fiction Factory



Brown's novel is an interesting character study that keeps the reader turning the page until the unusual, surprise ending.

 US Review of Books


 A fantastic tale of dynamic characters and emotional turns that set the reader on an unpredictable read...The gut wrenching guilt of Robert drove me to hope that amends could be made and this once faithless man would be able to face past demons before he was faced with no more time. A truly moving and heart pulling read. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to find themselves full emerged and never wishing to leave the delightful tale's pages.

Erica Nelson